Hakone - Beautiful Japan's national park

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12 Jan '24
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Hakone lures over 50,000 daily visitors with its serene landscapes and cultural allure just 1 hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Famous for its onsens and Mount Fuji views, Hakone offers a blend of traditional tea ceremonies, vibrant art scenes, and a captivating pirate ship cruise on Lake Ashi. Don't miss the Hakone Open-Air Museum, showcasing contemporary sculptures against a backdrop of lush greenery. Whether bathing in hot springs or admiring art, Hakone promises an enriching escape.
Odawara & Pacific Ocean
Image Odawara & Pacific Ocean
Experience coastal serenity near Odawara. Feel the ocean breeze, savor rhythmic waves, and relish peaceful moments along the shoreline. Whether strolling on sandy beaches or enjoying a sunset, Odawara's coastal charm offers a rejuvenating escape by the sea.
Odawara Castle
Image Odawara Castle
Majestically standing in Kanagawa, this historic castle, built in the 15th century, boasts impressive architectural grandeur. Explore its storied past, climb the stone walls for panoramic views, and immerse yourself in feudal Japan's rich legacy.
Take train from Odawara to Hakone
Image Take train from Odawara to Hakone
Embark on a breathtaking train journey from Odawara to Hakone, where the rhythmic click of the tracks accompanies panoramic views of lush landscapes and awe-inspiring nature, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.
Discover the epitome of relaxation at ルクス箱根湯本 LUX HAKONE YUMOTO. This villa features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and spa amenities like a sauna, hot spring bath, and hot tub. Enjoy mountain views from the terrace, a year-round outdoor pool, and free WiFi. Situated in a geothermal area, guests can unwind in nearby hot springs. Conveniently located 1.1 km from Hakone-Yumoto Station, with free private parking and an electric vehicle charging station available.
Hakone Yumoto Onsen
Image Hakone Yumoto Onsen
Nestled near Hakone-Yumoto Station, this iconic onsen offers a serene escape with its mineral-rich, geothermal waters. Enjoy traditional bathing experiences and picturesque surroundings, making it a quintessential stop in Hakone's hot spring exploration.
Image Komagatake
Take the bus and cable car to majestic Mount Komagatake, located in Hakone, which offers breathtaking views of Lake Ashi and the surrounding landscapes. Accessible by a scenic ropeway, it's a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking panoramic vistas of Hakone's natural beauty.
Hakone Museum of Art
Image Hakone Museum of Art
Located in the serene landscapes of Hakone, this museum showcases a rich collection of Japanese and East Asian ceramics and art. Explore the tranquil gardens and traditional teahouse, creating a harmonious blend of art and nature.
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