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12 days to enjoy beaches of Okinawa and historical sites of Kyoto and night life in Osaka.
Image Sefa-Utaki & Mibaru BeachImage Sefa-Utaki & Mibaru Beach
Sefa-Utaki & Mibaru Beach
After arrival at Naha airport, find some accommodation in the southern part of Okinawa island. From there you can easily reach to interesting sights for one day trips. I've stayed at Kaiza Okinawa - a small guesthouse, which was more about traditional japanese stay providing delicious breakfast. In one day you can combine visit in Seifa-Utaki and Mibaru Beach. Seifa-Utaki is a historical sacred place right in the jungle. There is a solid pavement and a visit takes max. 1 hour. Wear shoes with sole preventing slipping, as some wet stones might be slippery. Entrance fee: 300 JPY/adult Mibaru Beach is great photo spot and good place to swim and is just 13 min. by car from Sefa Utaki. Visit the beach during high tide as the water level is better for swimming. There is only parking fee to be paid in the box.
Okinawa - south
Image Valley of the Gangala & Shuri castleImage Valley of the Gangala & Shuri castle
Valley of the Gangala & Shuri castle
Valley of the Gangala is a natural preserve where you can see the ancient caves or a giant banyan tree estimated to be 150 years old. Entrance fee: 2200 JPY/adult for a guided tour which takes approx. 1,5hr. Move to visit of remains of Shuri castle which is 0,5hr from Valley of the Gangala. The Shuri Castle was almost completely destroyed in 1945 and then renovated again. In 2019 it was destroyed by a fire and now you can see how the renovation works of the main building look like. Entrance fee: 400 JPY/ adult
Okinawa - south
Image Ikei island / Ikei beach & Manza beachImage Ikei island / Ikei beach & Manza beach
Ikei island / Ikei beach & Manza beach
On the road towards north, you can spend a part of the day as a road trip stopping on the beaches. Explore the Ikei Island which is connected with Okinawa island with the bridge. Ikei beach is a small beach used mainly by the locals. If you prefer larger beaches, the top pick is Manza beach which is close to luxury hotels on Okinawa island. Find some apartment in the northern part of the island to stay closer to sights you would be visiting.
Okinawa - mid
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