Long weekend in Slovenia and Croatia

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A perfect combination of nature, history, and relaxation with food and beach time. experiencing the alpine beauty of Mangart Saddle and authentic charm in the small cities of Rovinj and Pula.
Mangart saddle
Breathtaking views of the AlpsMap
Image Mangart saddle
Nestled in the Slovenian Alps, Mangart Saddle offers a breathtaking stop on your journey, accessible via a scenic toll road (10€ per vehicle). With its narrow roads and limited parking, timing your visit early morning or late afternoon is recommended. You can take a walk in the surroundings according to your preference and fitness level. Follow the paved road to the views of the Austrian Alps or take the steep trail to see the Italian Alps. Even during the hottest days be prepared for the wind and chilly weather as everywhere in the mountains.
Image Rovinj
Drive to Rovinj - if you choose to drive right from Mangart Saddle, it may take up to 4 hours. You can stay near Udine for the night if you prefer shorter drives. Rovinj is a cute colorful coastal town, popular amongst tourists. Parking spots are hard to find during the season, especially in the evening, so be prepared to try more parking spots. The best parking is directly in the port and a one-minute walk to the old city - follow the link in this activity. If you are not sure which parts of the city have paid parking, use the app: https://www.bmove.com/. Take a walk in the old city, there are numerous narrow colorful streets with shops, restaurants, and cafés.
Visit the Saint Euphemia church
Image Visit the Saint Euphemia church
It's a baroque church from 1736. Church visit is for free, but you can also climb the tower for 4€ per person and it´s worth it. Be careful with the wooden stairs, they are uneven with big gaps. As a reward, you’ll have very nice views of the city, port, and nearby islands.
Image Pula
Check-in at the hotel, grab a swimsuit, and drive to the beach. There are plenty of beaches around the city and unless you have a hotel in the beach resort, you’ll probably have to drive there. All beaches except one are stone beaches with crystal-clear water. You can try Ambrella Beach with shallow access and calm water or a small Hawai beach with a bit wilder sea. Beaches are rather small and crowded during the season, but most of them in the area are within walking distance, feel free to explore and stay wherever you like. Infrastructure is not ideal, some places miss the toilet or shower, but you can find a restaurant or shower nearby.
Dinner at Hook and Cook
Take a walk in the city center, grab dinner in the Hook and Cook - seafood street food, or try some traditional seafood in Stari Grad 2 restaurant.
Exploring Pula's markets
Local gems
Image Exploring Pula's markets
Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel or in the city. If you are on a budget, you can visit some local bakery. Bakery chain Mlinar has plenty of places, however, it is rather medium quality and we don’t recommend coffee here if you are a true coffee lover. If you like local markets, visit in the morning, some stands may close soon in the afternoon (1:30 PM). You can buy some olive oil from local producers, but be careful with prices. Very cheap oil will be probably lower quality oil imported from another country. Talk to the sellers and ask about their products.
Visit historical sights
Explore the historic sites - Temple of Augustus and Pula Arena
Image Visit historical sights
Tickets to Pula Arena are available online or on-site and the price is the same - 10€ per person. The arena is the 6th largest Romanian amphitheater in the world and the only one with all 4 side towers preserved. The place itself is impressive and highly recommended to visit. Underground is now open as a museum with the old amphoras used for oil transportation as well as old press machines for olive oil production.
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