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Do you think you should spend fortune to visit Maldives? Nope, you don´t have to stay in pricy resorts to do so. Find out some public islands you can visit, too. It is easy to get to any of the public island by ferry or a speedboat. The speedboat terminal is right at Malé airport and the cruise takes approx. 1,5hr to the nearest Atoll. Ticket for adults from 50 USD and 25 USD for children. It is not recommended to travel by speedboats during rainy season due to storms on the ocean. During rainy season the speedboats are often cancelled due to the weather or delayed.
Image UkulhasImage Ukulhas
Why visiting this island? Simply because it offers great snorkelling on beaches where you can find coral reefs. You can spot many species of fish, coral, baby sharks, stingrays and turtles. Mind that Maldives is an islamic country, therefore bikinis are allowed only on dedicated bikini beaches.
Image RasdhooImage Rasdhoo
A small public island just along the way to Ukulhas. You can stop here for couple of days to see original life, enjoy snorkelling or diving. There are spots to see colorful fish, stingray and turtles, as well.
Image MathiveriImage Mathiveri
Beautiful island for its crystal clear beaches and "Picnic island" - just a sandbank nearby. There is just one spot for snorkelling to see the life in coral reefs which is next to the Picnic island. However, visiting this island is great to chillout on its picturesque beaches, or even watching the nurse sharks in the harbor. Best sight is to visit Picnic island with kayak or just swimming. All depending on the ocean current which is different day by day. The island offers 2 beaches - one bikini beach and one public beach - the "Stingray beach" famous for its palm alley. The island is small, you can explore the whole island by walk and get anywhere in just 10 minutes.
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