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Visit Sri Lanka and enjoy a week and a half in the beautiful nature and explore the rich history, unique culture, and the most delicious food. The plan covers the west, south, and center of the island and contains all the important places you can catch in a 12-day journey. The package includes a journey plan with essential tips and tricks, advice on avoiding scams, guidance on best SIM card, and clarifying health concerns, but also the best hotels and restaurants during your trip. Enjoy!
Image Explore ColomboImage Explore Colombo
Explore Colombo
Some people stay in Negombo after arrival as the airport is closer to Negombo, but there is not much to see and our recommendation is to drive directly to Colombo. As a first thing at the airport, buy a SIM card (Dialog is recommended as the best provider with great network coverage and amazing price compared to e-sims) and withdraw some cash directly at the lobby. If you have some time after your arrival, feel free to explore the Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple (400 LKR) - it is one of the most important temples in Colombo. There you can also see the smallest Buddha statue on the island, encased in a glass box, whereby visitors can view it with a magnifying glass. Or you can take a walk along the Galle Face Green with nice views of the city. Another recently popular place to visit is the Lotus Tower which is the tallest tower in South Asia however it is a bit overpriced for the views and the tourist ticket is 20$. Be prepared for many people with advice for you, asking for money afterward, or trying to persuade you that there's a ceremony you can't miss leading you to a tourist trap. If you hear: "Today is your lucky day", most probably you are involved in a scam.
Image 55TG Boutique SuitesImage 55TG Boutique Suites
55TG Boutique Suites
If you're looking for a hotel, 55TG Boutique Suites is a nice, quiet, and green place with a delicious breakfast. It is a bit far from the city center, but taxis booked via Uber are affordable. There's AC in the room so there's no need to sleep with windows open, but there are quite big holes around doors, so beware of the mosquitos - especially during the rainy season. The prevalence of Dengue fever is higher in the Colombo area, so if you don't have a vaccination, use a mosquito repellent at all times.
Image Galle - old colonial fortressImage Galle - old colonial fortress
Galle - old colonial fortress
Hire a driver via Uber, that is the best way as you know the price before the trip. However, it might be tricky as due to the length of the trip you might wait a bit till someone accepts your request. A low-cost alternative to hiring Uber is to take the train, however, you will spend at least twice as much time traveling. Galle is a beautiful place and we recommend staying at least for two days. Take a walk through the old city and the fortress, and explore cute streets with colonial buildings and shops with local products. The Galle Old Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the best-preserved colonial forts in Asia. It was inscribed as a UNESCO site in 1988. Inside the fort, you'll find the iconic Galle Lighthouse. It was originally built by the British in 1848 and is still in operation today, guiding ships into the Galle harbor.
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